About me

SAM_0810In 2014, when reaching the age where many of my friends were buying houses, getting married, and just generally settling down, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t for me just yet. Instead of joining them in the real world therefore, I decided to run away and travel half way round it.

As such I spent that British winter in the warmer climes of the Australian summer, and enjoyed five months backpacking down the east coast (I was also fast approaching the age where a working holiday visa was no longer an option) walking along sandy beaches, discovering the most extraordinary wildlife around every corner, and occasionally sending a postcard in an attempt to make everyone else jealous.

Four years later and I have now reached the age where many of those settled down friends are having children, and so another big adventure it is. This time coast-to-coast across the second largest country in the world, Canada.

So this is a blog of my travels on the roadtrip(s) of a lifetime where I have adventures, thrills and spills, and maybe even learn a thing or two for when the real world can’t be put off any longer…

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