Taken Down To Peg

With Halifax situated on the coast, naturally there are a number of scenic spots in the city’s vicinity, and on one night Ashley drove us up to a particular favourite of them, Peggys Cove, to watch the sunset. She wasn’t the only one to have this idea however, as there was a small number of others who had come to enjoy the view, although hardly enough to be as over crowded as I can imagine it would get during the peak summertime.


The focal point of the sunset, perhaps somewhat ironically, was a small lighthouse built on the rocky outcroppings which the waves crash against, occasionally fatally for those either unaware or overconfident and who aren’t aware of the dangers. Luckily everyone enjoyed the spectacle carefree that night though, as the moon was also visible and the colours of he sun were spectacular against such a beautiful landscape.

Although the lighthouse is the ideal spot to watch the sunset, Peggy’s Cove itself is a small fishing village that perfectly fits the idea of what one might look like: small wooden houses surrounded by lobster pots, ropes, and all manner of fishing equipment necessary for the local livlihood, to say nothing of the boats themselves. Even in the dark when driving back through remote Nova Scotia, the numerous lakes also offered a picturesque view of what Maritime scenery has to offer.


As if this wasn’t Canadian enough though, Ashley and I also wailed along to Avril Lavine on the stereo with our complimentary singing voices (ie, we’re just as bad as each other), and when returning to Halifax we also stopped off at Tim Horton’s for some TimBits (essentially the holes from the middle of the donuts). Not bad for the night I also had my first locally brewed Alexander Kieth’s, another of Halifax’s must try local specialties.